last edition -22  аugust  2006

It is not necessary to remind me that I am not professional, or that my page is not so professional, because actually I am not an expert in webdesign. Yet, I thank You for visiting my page. English section currently is not so big, but I will add more in the future. Well, if You don't speak Bulgarian, you can just visit my gallery.

  • Something about me 
  • My name is Kalin Vassilev. I was born in 1975 in Sofia, Bulgaria and I live in Botevgrad - a little town near to the capital of Bulgaria. I am still single.
  • Education:
I have master degree in speech therapy, received in South West University in Bulgaria.
  • Professional:
More than two years I have worked in a school for mentally retarded children and by now it is two years since I have worked as speech therapist in an ordinary public school in Botevgrad.

  • Other:
Faith - christian;
Hobby: internet surfing, reading books, jogging.

  • Recently:
I am looking for a better job with a better salary.

  • Contacts:
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